Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Calendar Club

Good morning everyone! Every year for the last twenty years or more, my Mom has created calendars from the year's photos and given as gifts for Christmas. Here is a layout to share that memory. I have nicknamed us "The Calendar Club"!!!

Every year there is an order to how we can open our calendars. My Mom calls our names one by one, but we are told...don't open it until I say so. Then she starts the countdown...okay go! Then we are only allowed to remove the wrapping and then we have to wait for everyone to catch up. Then we take out the calendar and have to wait once again for everyone to be ready....then go! We admire each month by month and then are asked to pick our favourite month. We finish off with funny faces. So that is the story of how we open our calendar gifts every year. My husband stands by and records with photos. My Mom is such a treasure to have. We are all so lucky to have her with us at 89 years young! XO

Here is each side of my double layout close up...

And some closeups...

I was inspired by the November Jumpstart sketch from The Scraproom. I mirrored the sketch to make it a double.

Thanks for stopping by! Stay Crafty!!!


  1. What a wonderful way to enjoy and celebrate your gift together. I love these layouts.
    I really like the tartan paper. Beautiful...xoxo

  2. Love how you created a double page layout from the Sketch! Thanks for playing along with the ScrapRoom! :)